restaurants in Thane city

Thane is considered the city of lakes. It is a picturesque region in Maharashtra. You can find a number of the best restaurants in this city that serve you a variety of dishes and cuisines.

If you also make plans to thane city and want to try the best dishes, then you should refer to the best restaurants in thane given below.

1. Hotel MH09 Shetkari

Hotel MH09 Shetkari is one of the best restaurants in Thane if you want to try the most authentic Kolhapur cuisine at affordable rates. Their thalis are well-known for bringing the spiciness and tantalizing flavor of kolhapuri cuisine to the counter.

You can enjoy a lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes here. It is the top pick in Thane among all restaurants that are famous for vegetarian food, chicken, and mutton-based dishes.

2. Metkut

If you are fond of pure veg Maharashtrian food, the Metkut restaurant is the best choice for you in Thane. You can get fast food, tasty street food, Marathi lunch dishes, and many more here.

The restaurant interiors are designed to highlight Maharashtra’s history. If you want to taste authentic Marathi jevan food at a cost-effective price, then you should visit the Metkut restaurant in Thane.

3. China bistro

China Bistro is a good choice for you if you’re looking for a genuine Chinese restaurant in Thane. It is a well-known restaurant in Thane that specializes in pan-Asian food, which includes Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and other cuisines. The Chinese Bistro has established itself as Thane’s premier evening destination thanks to its welcoming staff, delectable cuisine, and elegant setting.

4. MH04 Drunkyard

The MH04 Drunkyard is the finest option if you’re looking for a restaurant in Thane with a lively atmosphere, live music, first-rate decorating, distinctive interiors, etc.

The many varieties of drinks are available for ordering from this restaurant’s bar menu. Your visit there will be more enjoyable by the selection of finger foods. Your experience will also be enhanced by the rustic, spacious setting and industrial interiors.

5. The Caravan Menu

The best restaurant in Thane for lunch and dinner is The Caravan Menu. On the counter, they provide grilled foods and buffet services from the well-known live grill.

The atmosphere of the Caravan Menu restaurant showcases the top-notch cuisine and personnel services. This restaurant is the finest spot to take your family and friends in Thane because it offers a wide selection of starters, main dishes, and desserts.

6. Exotica

One of Thane’s most famous eateries, The Exotica, is situated close to the Yeoor Hills and the Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary. This restaurant offers a dining experience with a jungle motif. Due to the romantic atmosphere and lovely surroundings, it is the ideal location for families and couples.

This is the finest restaurant for you because it has bonfires, live music, a distinctive setting, decorations, and delectable food.


These are the above iconic restaurants in Thane city. You can enjoy a host of flavors of different types of dishes at these restaurants with all amenities and luxury living environments.

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