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Since we usually celebrate our birthday or the anniversary of a company and why not celebrate his wedding anniversary? Living together for a decade is a big step. It means your love is mutual and you haven’t let obstacles ruin your relationship. There’s nothing better than celebrating your pewter wedding anniversary by giving your other half a gift for more romance. Offering him a vacation to the destination of your dreams is also a good idea. Discover the many information you need to know about pewter weddings and the top 10 gift ideas to mark your 10 years of marriage and leave an unforgettable memory.

10 years of marriage: the wedding anniversary

Just like Cotton, Leather and other weddings, Tin weddings also have their own history.First, what torments the mind is why the 10-year wedding anniversary celebration is also called “tin wedding”? It is therefore essential to know what tin is. It is a precious metal with a white or gray color. It is a chemical element belonging to the great family of carbon and holds the atomic number 50. It was used for the first time in Venice to shape mirrors. Although the Venetians hid this technique away from Westerners, a French spy called Colbert still discovered it at the end of the 17th Century. This is how the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles was born.

By virtue of its property, pewter symbolizes all the hardships that a couple has had to pass through their long years of marriage. It should be noted that it has a property that is both malleable and solid. Thanks to its resistance, tin is often used as an anti-corrosion coating. That said, even if the couple went through turbulence or suffered shocks or pressures, they always knew how to stay united and the relationship withstood the tests of life.

Also, Tin Weddings represent the solidity of love despite life’s many obstacles. So, the tin wedding celebration means that a decade has already passed and the relationship still remains strong. The couple must be able to overcome the next ten years. Ten years of marital union are not just a question of time or numbers, it is also a question of mutual solidarity, sharing, joys and sorrows. In other words, it is concrete proof for the two partners that they have been able to spice up the daily routine by making love reign after 10 years.Tin weddings are therefore a special occasion to celebrate your years of glory and success within your union. So celebrate it as it should be. Since it’s an exceptional day, share beautiful moments with your friends and family.

TOP 10 gift ideas for 10 years of marriage

During his 10 years of union, you absolutely must know the habits and preferences of your husband. That said, looking for a gift idea for your partner should no longer be a concern. A reciprocal wedding gift would be much better.

An authentic gem

Does your wife love jewelry and fancy objects? You can enrich its collections with authentic jewels from Gemografic jewelry. Within its collection, you will find bracelets and pendants in the shape of the map of France. They come with a pointer dressed in a diamond that is customizable according to your choice of location on the map. Among the most chosen is the place of your first meeting, the church of your marriage… Jewels from Gemografic jewelery are made with luxurious materials such as white gold, solid silver and yellow gold. You can place your order on their website. In love, jewelry is the symbol of romance.

A gourmet dinner

A gourmet dinner with family, friends or as a couple? If you choose to celebrate your 10 years of marriage with your family or friends, they will be proud of your love and will wish you a life full of happiness. You can organize it according to your wishes, but think of a dinner that is out of the ordinary in an exceptional setting. In addition to a gourmet menu, organize a themed and color-coded dinner for a more than original pewter wedding. The silver color is an authentic idea to adopt for the color code. Moreover, it corresponds to the color of pewter.For a dinner for two, don’t forget the evening outfits and surprise gifts for an extraordinary wedding anniversary.

A couple photoshoot

Nothing better than leaving a memory for his 10 years of marriage. And why not a souvenir in photos that will complete your album? To have beautiful photos during your 10 years of marriage, it is best to find a professional photographer who will be able to take a hundred photos of the two of you. For a day, you can choose a photo shoot at home, in an exceptional location or in the studio.

Couple massage and treatment

How about a moment of well-being as a couple to celebrate your 10 years of marriage? During his tin wedding, spending his time in care and well-being centers is a surprising gift idea for everyone. A spa session, a well-being massage, a fitness session, a Californian massage and many others accompany you gently. A well-being experience to try to mark this exceptional day and enjoy a pleasant moment together.

A stainless steel water bottle

A stainless steel water bottle is one of the unisex gift items to offer to her husband. This object shows your attention to your lover, especially if he/she is used to keeping hot drinks. Its plus compared to other gifts is that the colors of stainless steel and pewter are almost identical. In addition, this bottle has a large marking surface that can be personalized as desired. You can thus engrave the data concerning your lover, namely his name or his photo or even a romantic message. Besides, it is an eco-friendly and easy-to-carry gift.

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