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Choosing a supplier is one of the key steps in the organization of almost any business. The product can be your competitive advantage , and can be found on the shelves. How can I avoid this?Consider the main criteria for choosing suppliers.- The uniqueness of the commercial proposal (in your city)

It is advised that the product you are offering is not sold by competitors – in this case there is a high likelihood of price competition. By lowering prices every time, everyone will lose: you and your competitors. If competitors don’t have exactly the same clothes, customers won’t be able to compare prices and you can make a reasonable markup.Conclusion: look for suppliers whose products are not represented in your city.

Compliance with market requirements

If you plan to open a store in a small or medium-sized Russian city, luxury clothes may not bring you enough profit – they will sell too slowly. But economy class clothes are sold everywhere.Conclusion: if a popular luxury brand is not represented in your city, it does not mean that you can make money on it. The extent of the assortment and its renewal.It is advisable that the supplier offers as wide a choice as possible and updates it as often as possible so that you can regularly introduce new items to your customers.Conclusion: Shoppers flock to new items like bees to honey. Find a provider to help you take advantage of it.- Minimal chain of intermediaries .

The fewer intermediaries, the better the price/quality ratio. The ideal situation is to work directly with the manufacturer.Conclusion: make a trial purchase at Opttorg24!.Advantages of buying clothes from the manufacturer – the company :Economic segment price.

Mid-range quality

Competent organization and scrupulous control of all manufacturing processes – the guarantee of the excellent quality of our products. As a general rule, cheap clothes are not of such high quality as ours – this allows retail stores to sell our product, make sufficient margins and make good profits.Regular renewal of the assortment.Our designers regularly update the Semper Amore collections, and we also add products from other brands to the range on a weekly basis.And these are not all the advantages of cooperation with us! Place your first order and see: our products really help to accelerate store turnover and increase profits.You shouldn’t look for clothes from the world’s leading designers in small stores or on clothing markets – you can only find a poorly executed Chinese fake with a flashy brand label. These products are sold only in branded stores that can be found in large shopping centers or on city streets in a neat and busy place. And in this case, there is a risk of running into a fake.

To insure against the purchase of expensive things of poor quality, it is better to find out in advance about the points of sale of a particular brand. If there is no store you need in Russia, it is better to go shopping in Europe or Dubai, where almost all brands are officially represented.

In addition, when buying things, you should pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. High fashion garments will never have twisted stitches and protruding threads.

Where to find cheap clothes

Quality clothing at low prices can usually only be purchased during sales or various promotions. When summer or winter collections are on sale, as well as in the event of a store liquidation, branded items can be purchased at a discount of up to 70%. On ordinary days, deceiving quality products big enough, because good things and elegant things are rarely stale on the shelves.

The cheapest items are sold in foreign online stores, especially in Asia. So, you can find low-priced goods on – on this site you will find a huge selection of goods of different price categories from the USA, China, Thailand, Europe and many other countries. The execution of the transaction is strictly controlled by the customer service, the purchases are therefore secure. Shipping costs vary, sometimes items are sent for free.

You can even buy old clothes from the 50s and 80s at low prices. These items are usually sold at auction, so everyone has a chance to get a truly unique and inexpensive item.Another popular site for cheap things today is There are clothes and shoes from China and Thailand with controversial quality, but at very low prices. You can find the same things on the market, but several times more expensive. The advantage of buying from this site is that you can pay with your credit card while requires you to register with PayPal to complete a transaction.Children deserve the best: the best education, a balanced and healthy diet, the necessary equipment and, of course, beautiful and high-quality clothes. Every responsible parent today strives to provide for their child good things, but not everyone knows where to buy wholesale suitable clothing for kids at a lower price. Meanwhile, you can also buy cheap underwear, accessories, shoes and other wardrobe items in bulk with delivery – you just need to know the right online stores. On our company’s website, you can easily order quality clothes from Turkey for sale or for personal use. We are open to cooperation – just contact us at the phone numbers listed in the “Contacts” section or fill out an electronic application, and again you will never have a question: “Where to buy children’s clothes at a reasonable price in Russia? We look forward to receiving your applications!

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