Designer Sarees For Girls

Sarees are the epitome of elegance and grace in the Indian fashion industry. This ethnic wear for women has been around for centuries, passed down for generations, yet still holds its significance and alluring charm. However, styling sarees can be tricky for some, but with the right trends, tips, and tricks, it can be a cakewalk. In this blog, we will talk about sarees for different occasions and the hit trends you should check out!

Styling Sarees for Different Occasions

Party Wear Sarees for Girls

Party wear sarees are perfect for occasions like cocktail parties, reception parties, and other similar social events. The key to styling a party wear saree is to keep it simple yet elegant and let your saree details do all the talking!

Opt for sarees with intricate embroidery or embellishments and pair them with statement jewellery or accessories like embellished belts, clutches, and high heels. You can also experiment with different draping styles, like the mermaid style or the retro Bollywood Saree Drape, to add some oomph to your look!

Formal Wear Sarees for Women

Formal wear sarees are perfect for office party outfits, award functions, and other formal events. Keep your formal saree look minimalistic and classy. Stay away from over-accessorizing, bold patterns, heavy embroidery, loud colours, and plunging neck-line designer blouses

Fashionable yet safe bets for formal wear saree OOTD are sarees with subtle prints and light fabrics like cotton, organza, crepe silk, and georgette, and complete your look with statement silver or stone jewellery.

Traditional Occasion Wear Sarees 

Traditional occasions or festive wear sarees are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other family events.

The graceful drapes of a traditional saree enhance the overall feminine charm of a girl, and the right accessories can take the overall look to the next level! Style your traditional saree with statement jewellery and traditional footwear like juttisor embroidered mojarisfor an elevated ensemble. You can also try different draping styles to add more cultural significance to your outfit, like the Bengali style or the Gujarati saree drape.

Designer Sarees for Women

Designer sarees feature unique designs, patterns, embellishments, and refreshing concepts. These sarees are typically made using high-quality materials, such as silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, and cotton, and are often handcrafted to ensure superior quality.

Some popular types of designer sarees include:

1. Embroidered sarees: These sarees feature intricate embroidery work, such as zari work, sequin work, or thread work, that adds a touch of luxurious elegance and glamour to these sarees.

2. Printed sarees: feature exclusive prints and patterns that make them stand out, such as florals, geometric shapes, or abstract prints.

3. Designer silk sarees: These sarees are made using high-quality silk and often feature-rich, intricate designs that are perfect for special occasions like weddings and formal events.

4. Bollywood designer sarees: are inspired by the latest Bollywood fashion trends and often feature bold colours, unique designs, unconventional silhouettes, and embellishments (that make heads turn!).

5. Stitched Sarees: As the name suggests, these sarees are pre-stitched and negate the draping hassle. The pleats and pallu are pre-stitched to the saree fabric for added convenience. This style is here to stay and is perfect for saree lovers of all ages!

Sarees for Kids

Not just women but Sarees have been a hit trend this season for kids too!

Sarees for young girls offer a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary fashion, making them a popular choice for parents looking to dress their little princesses in Indian attire for special occasions.

Pick pre-stitched sarees for your little girl to avoid tedious draping. Also, remember to choose a lightweight, breathable fabric saree, such as cotton, silk, and georgette, to ensure the child is comfortable wearing it. Sarees for kids online are available in multiple bright colours, embellishments, playful ruffles, cute attached blouse designs, and patterns, ranging from vibrant floral prints to elegant embellishments like sequin work.

Next, we have the top ten saree trends online to keep you updated!

The Top 10 Stylish Designer Sarees:

Pastel Sarees

Pre-stitched Sarees

Embroidered Ruffled Sarees

Printed Organza Sarees

Embroidered Red Sarees

Sarees with attached blouse and belt

Zari Embroidered Party Wear Sarees

Ready-to-wear High Slit cocktail Sarees

Sequin Embroidered Saree Sets

Saree Gowns.

So there you have it, ladies – the ultimate guide to sarees for girls! Whether you’re a saree novice or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the world of sarees.

Remember, life is too short to not wear dreamy sarees; so embrace their beauty and elegance to let your inner desi diva shine! 

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