Good Qualities in a Confinement Nanny

In addition to a valid nanny training certificate and affiliation with a respectable agency, what else should you look for in confinement nannies? Well, continue reading to discover some crucial characteristics you should consider.

1. Sincere Compassion for Children

Your confinement carer must like dealing with youngsters. All newborns, not just those with lovely dimples, those who never stop sobbing, those who urinate while bathing, and those who only awaken at 3 A.M.

Because, let’s face it, you never know how challenging or easy your child will be, and even the most easy-going babies may be stressful and have frightening moments. Your confinement nanny should love newborns enough to complete all required tasks with a cheerful smile and kind touch, regardless of the various obstacles.

2. Light Sleeper

Most women employ a confinement nanny primarily so that someone is available to provide nighttime feedings or attend to their needs during the night. This offers mothers much-needed rest after giving delivery. Obviously, the confinement nanny must also sleep. Still, she must be alert and prepared to soothe the infant if it cries or displays signs of discomfort. In most job descriptions, being a heavy sleeper is not a deal-breaker, but it is in this case!

3. Proficient Communicator

This is important if your confinement nanny is not a Singaporean resident. Numerous confinement nannies originate from Malaysia, and while they are equally competent, the language barrier might be a substantial obstacle.

Some families may not speak Mandarin, yet the nanny only speaks Mandarin. Even if you and the nanny have a common language, the accent may be too strong for proper communication.

This is especially crucial if you hire a nanny from an agency and have never met her, so ensure that you at least speak with her over the phone first.

4. Shared Principles

Although the confinement nanny is the “expert” in newborn care, you may have strong opinions on how some matters should be handled. Don’t be afraid to speak out; this is your child, so if something troubles you, say so.

Before choosing a nanny, you must explain your preferences to her. This is done to guarantee that she is amicable and that your choices do not clash with her own set of perspectives and methods.

5. Chemistry

Chemistry is essential in all relationships, but it is especially important in a career as intimate and emotionally intense as ours. It is the item that helps to alleviate tensions and avert potential conflicts. When choosing a confinement nanny, use your intuition and choose someone with whom you feel comfortable. If possible, do numerous discussions and interviews.

A confinement nanny is a genuine godsend, but selecting an incompatible one may add unnecessary stress, so do your homework and be sure to examine these factors before deciding on one.

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