Live edge tabletops, worktops, and furniture give your house a really lovely aesthetic. Each live edge wood piece is distinct and full of character. The warm color scheme and rustic appeal enhance a really comfortable, relaxed home vibe.

Live Edge Furniture

It’s crucial that you take good care of the wood if you possess a live edge piece, such as a small live edge end table in your living room or a larger slab countertop in your kitchen. Like any wood countertop, live edge requires comparable upkeep and cleaning, but there are also some significant variations to take into account.

In general, the finished style and even the wood type will determine how to care for a live edge properly. Thankfully, live edge wood is easy to keep in top condition, so keeping parts of it isn’t too difficult.

That’s why we are focusing on what not to do when cleaning your prized procession. Stay tuned to get the full disclosure and before you search for “handmade furniture near me.”

4 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Live Edge Furniture

1. Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning Supplies

We understand sanitizing your furniture is crucial, but regular, harsh cleaning solutions in bottles won’t work. Avoid using any, including those that claim to be wood surface cleaners. Instead, use a gentle microfiber cloth to dry dust your live edge furniture. Regular use of the surface helps avoid scratches by removing debris.

After that, dab a wet towel with a tiny bit of gentle detergent. To avoid streaks, dry it right after with a fresh towel. You may also use oil-based wood butter to protect your live edge dining tables. As a general rule, everything that contains the term “natural” should be right.

2. Keep Lacquer Coatings Off-Grid

Clear lacquer is often the recommended method for finishing furniture made of raw wood. It provides long-lasting protection and also dries quickly. However, these coverings start to deteriorate over time, so applying extra lacquer is not always the best course of action for homeowners.

If you were planning to apply another coat of lacquer, you would have to be sure to remove all trace of the first coat. If not, you’re just covering the initial sealed layer with extra material.

It also entails sanding, lacquering, letting the dining room live edge table dry, and maintaining cleanliness. Instead, use natural oil-based treatments to prevent scratches on the wood.

3. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Long stretches of direct sunshine also pose a concern, in addition to water. Though these pieces look stunning in the light, prolonged exposure to direct UV radiation can cause fading and damage. Live edge wood does not get stained but keeps its original color. Your live edge wood coffee table will gradually change color over time if you don’t use an external dye to keep the color consistent.

Since these surfaces are made of biological materials, UV rays may harm them. To avoid sun bleaching, ensure your blinds are slightly inclined. Additionally, you want to keep your furnishings away from heat sources such as cooking areas and fires. These may also have an impact comparable to extended sun exposure.

4. Check the Humidity in Your Ambient Room

When working with a single piece of wood, humidity counts. Typically, mass-produced furniture, such as that seen at Ikea, is made of engineered wood. It is often wood pulp that has been glued together and laminated; it isn’t actually one piece of wood. Since there is no true wood grain to expand or shrink in response to variations in humidity, the furniture remains unchanged.

It’s important to remember that wood will continue to change with time when using a live edge slab. Avoid placing your furniture in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, as this may stress the wood, especially if the live edge coffee table isn’t treated correctly. Instead, place it in a room with a steady atmosphere.

Wood that is less than 30% humidified may shrink and split. More than 50% might cause your furniture to sag or possibly develop mold. HVAC systems that are in good working order are among the simplest ways to maintain the right moisture levels. You could also choose to use an electronic humidity meter for more precise readings, though that is probably overkill.

Locate the Ideal Live Edge Furniture for Your House

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