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Camping: The pure happiness of a holiday in the heart of nature! Finally, plenty of time to spend with your loved ones. In order not to run the risk of hearing “I’m bored”, it is better to plan some activities. That’s why we’ve created a list of the top 10 camping games!There are obviously the classic activities, like telling stories around the campfire or jumping obstacles. Enough talk! Here are our top 10 suggestions:

1. Camping Charade

Tears of laughter are guaranteed! Everyone knows the cult game of Charade: the guessing game, in which you must present a word with gestures and not words. Suitable from the age of 5 years up to 99 years. Those over 100 could also benefit from it, you never know! Charade is one of the camping games that provides a lot of laughs and could get quite loud. So it’s the perfect camping game for the whole family. A really fun and challenging variation is trying to guess movie titles like “Despicable Me” or “The Lion King.” It is therefore pleasant for young and old alike.Tip! Don’t forget to create rules for “the” and for prepositions. Thumb, for example, can mean “the”. In this way, the game can become a little easier, but still exciting.Children playing in nature

2. City-Country-River

… or Camping-Pays-Ville? You guessed it: the legendary game of the small bin adapts to your camping holidays! With a little imagination, categories can be creatively adapted. Here are some ideas in advance: “Camping equipment” like tent, chair or also “Beach equipment” like deck chair or sunscreen.

3. Throwing rings in a different way

Just throwing rings? Today’s children are a little more demanding. While simple ring tossing might be enough for toddlers, parents don’t always have it easy with older children.But no need to worry! We have the perfect idea of ​​how you can spice up the classic camping game! All you will need are glow-in-the-dark sticks, also known as neo-lights, which can be found at any discount store. But make sure they can be formed into rings. As soon as it starts to get dark, the fun can begin. Put up water bottles and organize a little contest: who will win the most bottles with their luminous rings?Tip: A gift for the winner will definitely increase excitement and motivation!

4. Jack said

“Jacques said” is a mixture of movement, concentration and language. One advantage of this camping game is that no preparation or materials are needed.The rules are very simple. One of the players is Jacques. He proposes activities, which he declares: “Jacques said: Jump on one leg” or only the order without the “Jacques said” at the beginning. If the order is requested without “Jacques said”, it must not be executed. If one of the players does the activity anyway, he will lose points. You decide when the game ends. And to make sure everyone is happy, you can simply choose a different player each time to be Jacques.

5. Guess What I See – Camping Edition

As children, we loved this guessing game and we could play it endlessly. Do your children feel the same? How about a camping version? One of the players is the spy. After finding an object visible to all, he says: “I spy with my little eye…” and tries to explain it in one sentence. He then continues to give clues to the other players, until they find the object. This relaxing game is perfect to play during breakfast or after a day of hiking.Family taking a walk in the mountains

6. Prohibited words

This simple camping game is ideal for small families or when few people are motivated to play. The moderator asks a lot of questions to the interviewee. The interviewee should not answer yes, no, black or white. If the interviewee accidentally says any of these forbidden words, the round is over and the players switch roles.

7. Camping Bingo

The difference with the bingo version are the terms. Instead of using typical numbers, you’ve drawn terms related to camping.

6. The Werewolf

Instead of hanging out after dinner, you can suggest the exciting game of Werewolf. What could also be funny is to use the place where you camp instead of the initial location of the Werewolf. Imagine playing this game at the campfire! How frightening!

The rules: the game leader distributes cards on which C (citizen), Werewolf (2x or 1x depending on the number of participants) and D or P (detective or policeman) are written. The distribution of the cards must be secret, we must not know who is who!

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