Graduating college is an extremely exciting time. After graduation, one can join companies like Revature to further hone their skills or directly apply for a job. To be selected for a job, one is likely to attend an interview first. No matter whether this interview is in person, by phone, or over video, interacting with a potential employer for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Hence, to build confidence, one must properly practice for the interview and try their best to ace it.

Revature shares tips on acing job interviews

To get almost any good job, one has to attend a job interview. To make a great impression and ace their very first job interview, young graduates must keep certain important factors in mind, such as:

Research the industry and company: The interviewer may ask the candidates about what made them apply for the job, what they think about the company and its offerings, and if they feel that there is any room for improvement, and so on. Hence, one must do thorough research about the company where they want to work, as well as the industry it is associated with.  One needs to familiarize themselves with the products and services of the company to understand how the position they are applying for adds value to the business.

Focus on the positives: Candidates must try to identify the factors that make them the best person for the position, and try to convince the hiring team of the same. They should provide examples whenever possible to strengthen their point. The candidates need to perfectly explain that their capabilities align with the competencies needed for the role, while displaying their passion for the position. This will help the interviewer to understand that the candidate is really serious about the job.

Anticipate the interviewer’s concerns and reservations: In most cases, there are more candidates for positions than there are openings at a company. Hence, interviewers invariably try to explore ways to screen people out. Candidates must anticipate this beforehand, and prepare defense for any weak points in their resume.

Practice answering common interview questions: One must run through common interview questions with any friend or even a family member before attending the actual interview. Verbally practicing the questions is far more effective than just reading potential questions and crafting answers in the head. Moreover, doing so can also help people to manage and reduce any pre-interview jitters. As one prepares for the interview with someone else, one will also be able to practice good body language and enunciation. It will be useful in familiarizing themselves in an interview setting, and project confidence and calmness. One should always try to give detailed, yet to-the-point and concise answers. It is better to answer questions within a couple of minutes as anything longer than that can suggest a lack of confidence.

Practicing for job interviews is particularly important in the flourishing yet competitive tech field. Even tech talent management companies like Revature today stress preparing their candidates for such interviews properly.

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