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The world is changing every day, and as time progresses it is introducing new trends and styles. The more you stay the same the more you can feel the change happening around the world. So, to stay the same as the rest of the world you need to keep changing with the world. What was in fashion before is now ancient. This goes for your interior decoration too. Home décor is the essential part of your life that describes your personality.

Laminate is currently the trendiest and vogue design for homes. They are shiny, smooth, and highly sleek. The laminate gives off sophisticated and elegant vibes from your home. They are modern and come in vibrant colors. They are visually appealing. They make cleaning effortless, as they are super smooth, making them the perfect choice for home décor. With its professional and classy look, office spaces prefer it over any other laminates.

CenturyPly is the biggest Indian company that manufactures and supplies a wide range of products including laminate, plywood, and other construction and home styling materials. This article talks about 5 high gloss laminates, by Century Laminates, that are dazzling and highly elegant.

  • Grey Caspio

It is the latest addition to Century Laminates collections. It has a highly glossy texture. It’s a premium laminate that gives a luxury finish to your home or business space. The grey color connects with nature. The neutral color goes with every piece of furniture and fixture. it will compliment every room of your home or office. The natural color palate does not scream for attention and it is a very subtle and graceful laminate. These go best in kitchens, bathrooms, and wall panelings.

  • Silver Caspio

It is a variant of the Grey Caspio, with the same texture and premium look. The silver color gives off a cool and simple aura. The silver color complements your white furniture and technology. If you are a person with a taste in minimalistic styling, then this laminate is perfect for you.

The silver color makes your home or office more spacious. Along with the room, it will help you declutter your mind. it would be wrong to say that it is plain. The silver color is well combined with the golden fixture and will give you a sense of affluence.

  • Canyon Apple

If you have the taste for a traditional dark oak finish then Canyon Apple laminate will suit you best. The laminate has a dark brown and aged wood finish. The color of the laminate slows time for you and gives off a calming vibe. Fused with low or dim lighting the wood finish will make your home a painting in itself. The color radiates a mature and cultured personality. These laminate sheets are artistic and with unparalleled aesthetics.

  • The Supernova

As the name suggests the laminate gives your home an astronomical finish. it will make you feel as if you are living in an interstellar space. it radiates a dark and mysterious aura that helps you to get closer to yourself. If you have a taste for a darker color palate then this is the apt choice for you. It is not extremely dark to the point that will make your home intimidating.

It has just the right amount of blackness and depth that will make you lose yourself in your deepest thoughts.


For those who are unfamiliar with it the color of this laminate is the same as dark chocolate or coffee brown. The straight-grain pattern of this laminate with smooth curves is an art in itself. These are well suited for zen and meditation. It complements the furniture, wooden veneers, and cabinets.

The color is often associated with solitude and gives a sense of security, seclusion, and resilience.


These were the 5 High gloss laminates among the many that Century Laminates brings for their customer. Century Laminatesis always experimenting with old and modern ideas, abstract patterns, and colors to deliver the best experience for its customers. They not only serve what is in demand but also deliver beyond customers’ imagination and expectations. They have everything, for everyone’s wants.

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